Why Anyone Who is Interested in Astrology Signs Will Now Turn Me Off: My First Salt Daddy Experience.

Hello hello. I need to either reduce my sugaring or start writing more so I can catch up on the present. I’ll try to write 2 to 3 posts a day until I’m caught up. I checked out my stats and it looks like I finally have some readers which is cool. 🙂 Welcome! For anyone new, I’m writing a series of posts of my Sugar Baby timeline rather than unique blog posts. Once I’m caught up on my timeline I’ll probably do some different style of posts like “What I’ve Learned” or “Do’s and Don’ts of Sugaring”… etc.

Any hoo, It had been about a week since I met OG. I actually went home to Ohio to visit family, all the while texting various POTS. OG and I chatted a little bit, mostly just about his trip and my trip etc. I was back in Arizona and I decided I would go on a few more dates before OG returned. Maybe I would meet someone better, who knew? I’m not going to write about all the different POTs I was chatting to, I’ll only write about the ones I met in person. I was seriously chatting with about 4 guys, ages ranging from 35-65. I was bored at my apartment and none of my POTs could meet that day. I logged back onto SA, my first time in about 8 days. There were a significant amount of new messages. I clicked on the most recent, which was sent about an hour earlier. Let’s call this POT, “Stars”….

It appears to me that we have similar desires. I would like to discuss a possible arrangement with you if you are also interested. 

He was young. 30. And he was attractive. He was on the beach in his profile picture, he had abs, a nice smile, and attractive features. If I met this guy in real life, I would probably talk to him without an arrangement… His profile talked about adventure, connection, and taking it slow. I shot him a message back saying “hi”. Two seconds later he responded with his phone number. “Text me”  Looking back, this is a red flag. I think people should chat a bit on the site before offering up their numbers, but like I mentioned, I was bored and wanted to see someone that day, so I texted him. He immediately responded asking me what I was doing in an hour. It was too easy. We planned to meet at a bar in Old Town. It was early, only around 1 pm.

When I got to the bar (early again), he was already there, waiting at a table. The bar was blasting music and people were drunk for Sunday Funday. It seemed almost like a club, and again I felt too casually dressed in shorts and a blouse. He was cuter in person though and I felt a rush of relief when he greeted me warmly and politely. The waitress came over and I ordered a Gin & Tonic and he ordered a Moscow Mule. I realized I knew nothing about him and how this was so different compared to OG’s meeting. This just felt like a blind date. I wasn’t self conscious about people around me looking at us because he looked young, in his 20s. Where as with OG, people probably thought I was with my dad or uncle of some sort.

Stars was a talker. I sipped on my drink as he began his entire life story, not missing any details. He was a chiropractor (immediately a good sign because I love when people crack my back haha) and he owned his own practice which he sold just last year to pursue writing his autobiography full time… OK a little weird for a 31 year old, I thought, but hey- he had already accomplished so much, who was I to judge? He hired an editor that he regularly sent drafts to. He described about having a life awakening that made him want to sell his practice and share his knowledge. He mentioned how he would love to be a professional mentor to me and help me achieve any goals. He listed off several books that he had me write down that I should read. He asked me about my long term goals, where I saw myself in 10 / 20 years, what are my struggles, etc. It was like a professional interview and not a date. But I thought he was nice. He obviously was a passionate guy and really valued his life.

Every time the waitress came, he ordered another Moscow Mule. I stopped drinking after 3 gin and tonics and started drinking water. He then ordered shots of Patron…. I didn’t partake. With the liquid encouragement, his real colors started to shine. When I mentioned I had debt, he laughed and told me he was over 100k in student debt… weird. He then told me he didn’t live in Arizona even though his SA profile said he did. He was just visiting for the week but actually lived in Texas… That annoyed me, why didn’t he tell me that before? I wish I had asked him questions before meeting him. He then proceeded to tell me that a year in a half ago, he went to a casino and won a $300,000 jackpot. He showed me pictures and videos of that day and him holding an enormous sized check. That was the “life awakening” he mentioned earlier… He sold his practice a month later and moved back home with his parents. So basically Stars comes into a lot of money: quits his job, moves home to reduce expenses, starts writing this book, and spends a week every now and then to various cities to party and continue writing. He wasn’t making any new income so basically he was partying his way through his old earnings and winnings. Scottsdale was just another “week trip writing get a way”. He never mentioned an arrangement and I suddenly realized that he wasn’t looking for a real long term one…

I was hinting about me having to leave, lying about dinner plans with a friend. This didn’t phase him. He then proceeded to go on a tirade about his astrological sign. He was a Cancer but he channeled Aries or something. He described all about his energy of the stars etc. I couldn’t believe that someone educated enough to be a chiropractor really bought into all that stuff. Sorry, I’m not a big believer in star signs. Of course he wanted to know mine, and more so, he wanted to know the time, location, and weather of my birth. HA! He pulled out a freakin app on his phone and proceeded to tell me all about myself, my future, and of course my love life. He said “You are horny all the time.” WTF?! I actually just laughed, I had no words. He smiled and got closer, “I am a very sexual human and I can teach you to empower your sexual energy. Would you like to go back to my hotel”? NOPE NOPE FUCK OFF. I’m sure my face was disgusted, but I politely told him no and it was time for me to leave. I was getting up when the waitress came up and handed him the bill. $170 dollars. Those club prices for drinks really added up. I thanked him for the drinks and told him I would text him later. Walking to my car, I literally turned around 3 times to make sure he wasn’t following me, but he stayed in the club at the table… probably to tell another poor girl that she radiated sexual energy or something.

Yeah, so Stars texted me asking if I wanted to hang out after my “dinner” and I politely told him no thank you and he never texted me again, thankfully. I learned my lesson with him. A pretty face and especially younger men on SA usually just want a hooker type arrangement. I promised myself I wouldn’t do anymore “day of” meets. I needed to get to know them and understand exactly what they were looking for before. Lesson learned.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It’s actually comical looking back on it and I can’t believe I’ve learned so much in such a short time and a mistake like this is a #TotalSugarPup move. However, I wouldn’t say this is my most “interesting” POT meetup. That’s for another post. 😉



One thought on “Why Anyone Who is Interested in Astrology Signs Will Now Turn Me Off: My First Salt Daddy Experience.

  1. Lol I’ve had the same experience – its a lesson I learned the hard way too – don’t rush into these decisions.

    I was actually scammed by a woman who was in town who did the same thing. YOu live and you learn!


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