Sugar Daddies, Salt Daddies, Splenda Daddies

Good morning! I’m trying to write as many posts as I can these next few days so I can catch you all up to what is happening now. I’ve been reading a lot of other Sugar Baby blogs lately, getting ideas and such.

Anyway, so as I mentioned in my previous post, when I first logged back onto about 2 days after creating my profile, I had nearly a 100 messages waiting for me. I usually get around 7-15 a day since. I was overwhelmed, flattered, and a little creeped out tbh. I skimmed through a couple also clicking on the profiles from the men that sent them. I was way over my head. Some men offered me hundreds of dollars to meet with them, some described luxurious vacations and gifts they would get me, others just sent a simple “hello.” I knocked on my roommate Tiff’s door. I told her about my conversation with Ally, the website, my profile, and the messages. To my surprise, she wasn’t judgmental, only curious and excited. We spent the next hour or two reading over messages and laughing at the crazy ones. And I mean crazy. Here are some examples of the common types of messages I receive from men. And yes these are all real…

The Generic

Hey there!
I would love the chance to spoil a pretty girl like you.
I’m in Phoenix quite often for work, I should be there again next few weeks.
Do you enjoy traveling as much as I do? 🙂

The Business Transaction

You’re very beautiful. My budget is $1500 – $3000 per month. I am willing to do a monthly budget. Meeting once a week.
If you prefer a per meeting scenario – $400 – $500 to begin.
First meeting for coffee / lunch/ drinks/ dinner $100 – and I pay obviously for our food & drinks.
I am messaging you because I think you are attractive, I would prefer to meet soon.
I am not a waste of time, and will do what I say.

I don’t show my face in the private photo, it is so you know I am not overweight. Because of my profile in the business community I prefer to send my face photo via text.

The Super Friendly and Chatty

Hey hun ! Let’s grab dinner or drinks ! You seem great !! Would you be open to
Visiting Colorado ? I’m an experienced SD and would love to get to know you more ! Want to Skype or text ? If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go ?

The Polygamist

 Hi there. My wife and I would love to chat further. We want a long term arrangement full time if possible. If you would have interest please let us know

The Guy that Tries to Use a Tinder like Pickup Line

You’re adorable. But I bet you’re the kind of a girl I couldn’t bring on a roller coaster 😉

The Guy Who Just Wants a Prostitute 

$500 to be with me tonight? We’ll have fun 😉

The Crazy

I am building a house in Phoenix area..98% done.. anyways, when move, looking for a girl to own me 24/7 as she will live there and will receive an allowance……My life will be just to serve her or be locked in my cage while she does what she wants..after 3 years, she will receive all my possessions and income while I continue to be her slave… Very serious, what I be some girls sissy.bitch, girl… if interested, let me know and can send some more details ..


So yeah… These examples don’t even begin to cover it. There were so many messages that sounded like prostitution, and I was beginning to get a bad taste in my mouth. What did I just sign up for? Is a sugar baby just a way to get around prostituting? Tiff and I picked out two or three guys that seemed normal and just wanted to chat. I sent them a couple polite hello’s back and usually thanking them for their compliments. I was so intrigued by it all though. I imagined myself getting thousands of dollars, paying off all my debt, taking private jets to Islands, and treating my friends to impromptu Vegas trips all on my “daddy’s” money. I started doing research. I went on forums, blogs, reports, anything I could find. I discovered the SB / SD lifestyle is huge and my university is #2 in the amount of sugar babies on How had I never heard of this before? I quickly learned some new terminology in the SB/ SD world.

Salt Daddy: anyone who fakes being generous to get girls on the site to talk to them

Splenda Daddy: a man who wants to be a Sugar Daddy, but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off

POT: This is a guy you might not have met in person yet, but he is someone you’re seriously considering an arrangement with.

Allowance: A monetary amount set by the SD given to a SB on a regular basis (weekly/monthly)

PPM: Pay Per Meet – Typically the beginning steps into an allowance. Most SD’s/SM’s will set up a PPM for the first couple of meetings to get a feel for the SB. This is usually prior to sending funds or an allowance on a regular basis

It was all so new and interesting. I read posts where girls said I should never meet with a POT unless he offered at least $300 for initial meeting and a minimum monthly allowance of 3k. This gave me a bad feeling. I didn’t want to expect money on the first meeting because what if they expected sex or sexual favors right after? The next few days I spent chatting to a handful of men either on the site or over text. A few phone conversations later, I was ready to meet my first POT. My next post will describe him, our conversations, and date. 😉



One thought on “Sugar Daddies, Salt Daddies, Splenda Daddies

  1. You know there are all sorts of folks in the sugar bowl and its up to you to wade through the mess and find what works for you. I learned that the long way, I got scammed early on (yes even as a guy!) and it irritated me that things weren’t what I was looking for.

    Realized it was all a mentality shift, a hell of a lot of people use SA for whatever they want, its about finding that other person in this wide world to see what it is you’re looking for!


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