How I Became a Sugar Baby

*Names have been changed to protect those involved.

About a month ago, I was facing sudden and drastic change to my life. I was about to graduate from college and begin my life as either a working professional or future graduate student. I had received two full time offers, one being from a recruiting firm not too far from my school in Arizona and the other being an investment firm all the way in Portland. To this day, I still don’t know what I am going to do, I haven’t heard back from grad school yet so I’ll keep you all updated. Anyway, as the year was ending, I was saying a lot of goodbyes to friends who were either moving away for the summer or forever. This particular day I got breakfast with my friend, Ally.  We went to Waffle House and chatted over greasy breakfast food. During the meal, I got a phone call for a Survey System through the University that I had signed up for. Essentially, I take these long surveys over the phone in exchange for cash. By no means is it an income, but it’s an extra 20$ bucks here and there. I completed the survey at the table and apologized for interrupting our conversation. She laughed and said she totally understood, “gotta get that cash.” Later during breakfast, we started talking boys. I caught her up with my latest story of the boy, that I had been seeing on and off for the year, had officially ended things with me. He got an internship in another state for the summer and with me not knowing if I’m moving or staying, he thought it best we ended things- and I agreed. He later regretted his decision, but I stayed firm by it…(easier said than done). It didn’t make sense to keep being romantic.  I told Ally that I was done dating for awhile. That I needed to make money and focus on myself. Jokingly, I told her about how I saw an advertisement on craigslist about a topless maid. The job description was simple: light dusting, vacuuming, and doing dishes. Only on Sundays. 200 bucks an hour. I asked Ally if I was crazy to consider it. She encouraged it actually. We talked and talked more about how older men will pay significant amounts of money to be around younger girls. She was a waitress at a popular bar and often would receive huge tips from flirty old men. I laughed and said how I wanted to be a sugar baby. She looked at me, ” Do it. Go on and make a profile.” I had never heard of the site so she filled me in.

The site seemed so ridiculous. Essentially men help younger girls financially usually through an allowance in exchange for companionship (and no not necessarily sex). Men or “sugar daddies” pay a lot of money to even make a profile where as girls “sugar babies” don’t pay a dime. If you use your school email to sign up, you even get upgraded to the premium account. I made a profile that night. It was generic and basic and honestly a little embarrassing. It asked for a tag line, so I wrote, “Food and Puppies are the Way to my Heart!” I still cringe over it, but I thought it gave me the sweet and silly persona. I described myself as the “girl next door.” I wrote about how I’m pretty down to earth and that shows in my looks. I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup or really high fashion clothing. I was already self conscious imaging that the girls who make profiles are these beautiful barbie like girls looking to get their 3rd boob job paid for. I didn’t want to lie about my looks or attract guys that would make me feel like I needed to be someone I wasn’t. I never even considered myself to be a pretty girl. I’m a plain Jane, not ugly, but I don’t have stunning looks in my opinion. Then it came to add a picture. I fretted and searched my Facebook for one to use. I felt uncomfortable showing my face on a public sugar baby site but I also didn’t want to crop out my head and just show my body, because I thought it might imply that I’m selling my body. I aimlessly looked through my phone’s photo album, and came across some pictures I took in a dressing room when I was looking to buy a dress. I took the photos to send to a friend to get her opinion on one I should buy. Conveniently in these mirror selfies, my phone was in front of the majority of my face. It didn’t give the impression that I was hiding my face on purpose, but it gave me a little more privacy. I chose the photo of the dress that my boobs looked good in and made it my profile picture.


All done. I closed my laptop and opened Netflix. I didn’t want to think what I just done. I didn’t want a relationship, but I was $3000 dollars in debt from my old sorority, $800 dollars in credit card debt, and my university job ended so I was living off savings, grad money, and an occasional survey check. I didn’t even think I would get a message or anyone would be seriously interested in me. I told myself as soon as I heard about grad school, and if I was accepted, I would apply to waitress jobs to keep the summer finances down. However, sugaring seemed like an interesting alternative if it did work. Less hours and more money potentially.

Two days went by and I forgot about ever even making my profile. I didn’t even think I would get a response and the conversation with Ally now seemed silly and immature. I was busy with graduation activities so it didn’t even cross my mind until one night when I logged back on to be surprised by nearly a 100 messages and notifications from being” favorite’d”. I was so shocked. I clicked on my inbox and I didn’t know where to even begin. I spent all night reading through messages and looking at profiles….

Wow I didn’t realize how long of a post I would write! I guess I’ll end here. My next post, I’ll pick back up and write about the assortment of messages I got (the good, the bad, and the absolute bat shit crazy ones.) and who I responded to… 😉 Hope you enjoyed my lil story of my introduction to the SugarBowl! Talk soon.



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