Pour Some Sugar On Me

*Names have been changed to protect those involved.

Hi everyone! If you’re reading this it’s probably because you are one of my close friends that I trust dearly or because you have a genuine interest in the Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy lifestyle. I am a “new” sugar baby, barely a month into the game, but my journey has already been a whirlwind of crazy experiences. So far, I’ve only shared details of my story into the “Sugar Bowl” with my roommate, Tiffany, who moved out of my apartment for the summer to go back to her home in North Dakota. However, just last night, after a crazy afternoon with one of my new “daddies” I was hanging out with some of my guy friends over dinner. The topic of guilt came up. I asked them, “How do you cope with guilt?” It’s a simple question, but I needed advice. The sugar baby game has been bringing me a lot of guilt lately. It weighs on you. I feel it’s manipulative,  that I’m betraying my family and previous lovers, and not to mention the whole accepting money in exchange for companionship is borderline prostitution in some people’s eyes. I’ll touch on all these topics later. My friend Tim had an answer to my question. He said whenever he feels guilty about something he has to talk to someone about it and explain the story.  So the idea of a blog came to mind because it will allow me to tell my story, release my guilt, and maybe even receive some advise from readers. I understand some people reading this will think being a sugar baby is disgusting, awful, trashy, etc… And that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and trust me, I have those thoughts too sometimes. However, as an Economics graduate, I tend to think of every decision as a “Cost Benefit Analysis.” Does the good outweigh the bad? How will the benefits or loss affect me in the short run and in the long run? I hope this blog will provide some insight for not only my readers but for myself, as a self reflective journal as I navigate myself in this crazy adventure. No, I haven’t found a long term SD yet, I’m still going on many first and second “dates”. I hope to write about my experiences, advice for new or potential SB’s, and answer questions readers might have. In my next post, I’ll get more into the story of how I became a sugar baby, how I found my first “daddy”, and the experience from that. But now, I must end this post because I need to get ready for a lunch date with a potential new SD…

Thank you and welcome to my journey!


One thought on “Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. Hey! Just came across your blog, and as a SD and also an avid reader in the sugar space, I thought I would start at the beginning and follow the story.

    I have several thoughts, but only one I’ll share for now, I totally get that SA has this taboo feel to it, but I think perspective about what SA is all about also helps. Who wouldn’t want a relationship where the expectations are setup clearly up front. SA is like dating lite – its still based on the expectations of having attraction etc. but instead of spoiling your significant other throughout, you’re asking for it up front in a very specific manner.

    Just something that I’ve thought through too 🙂


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